Sometimes our guests burst into print - we are very honoured and humbled by these kind words from Denise.

A gracious lady with a fine pedigree
Has stood with dignity for a century
A warm and welcoming face she displays
Which augurs well for a comfortable stay
The great Southern Alps she proudly envelops
With changeable seasons the picture develops
Pink snow on the peaks at the breaking of dawn
Heralding in a breathtaking morn

Stepping over the threshold the years peel away
Revealing an age known as “yesterday”
A peaceful atmosphere serene with time
Old fashioned objects completing the rhyme
Oozing with comforts of varied description
Everything gleaming inviting inspection
Pride and perfection and tender loving care
As one glances around is seen everywhere

Dear Holly Homestead ‘Lang may your lam reek’
May travellers continue your comforts to seek

Denise Feldmann

April 2015